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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your deck building questions

What do I need to start planning?

Provide us with your hand-drawn deck design with dimensions.  After an initial consultation, we’ll turn that into a set of construction plans and provide you with a quote on your final design

Can I get materials anywhere or do I have to buy from United Decks?

Our drafting and consultation services are free of charge. You will be asked to place a deposit on the construction drawings and proprietary engineering documents (CCMC’s, Stamped Anchorage Details, Ministers Rulings, Stamped Test Reports, etc) required for your permit application.  This deposit will be refunded in full when you purchase your material package from one of our United Lumber Outlets in either Barrie, Georgetown or Bolton ON.

Why do I need full 3D rendered plans?

The most effective way to obtain a new deck permit is to have a complete set of accurate deck plans and be informed when it comes to meeting the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Often, when viewed in 3D revisions become apparent either to the structure, for functionality, or just for the overall look of your design.

Do you offer deck building services?

No, United Lumber does not offer deck building services.  Where possible we will attempt to match you up with a trusted independent contractor that is known to us if you require one. Any agreements or contracts would solely be between you and the contractor.

Are there any size limitations to building a deck?

This would be dependent on the Municipal bylaws in your town or city.  It is most often based on the size of your property. Environmental protection rules can also sometimes affect the size of the deck permitted.

How much does a new deck cost?

This is dependent on many factors; The cost of lumber, the complexity of your design, the materials such as decking or railing chosen. United Lumber is able to give you a “ball park” rough quote for your deck if you provide dimensions and an initial material selections. This is a good first step in helping you develop you budget.

Can I make modifications to my deck plans after it’s completed?

Yes, modifications can be made to your plans at no cost.  Sometimes two or three revisions are required to get it exactly how you envisioned

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